Photo contest rules

・An entrant may submit photos as many times as he/she wants. However, we may cancel submissions if the photos are all similar.
・Both color as well as black and white photos are accepted. However, manipulated images such as digitally composed photos are not accepted.
・There is no regulation for camera models and image formats. We recommend submissions be 1024 pixels (long side).
・Photos that are submitted should have a file size of 5MB or less.
・Photos which would violate a third party's right (Copyright/Portraits right) are not accepted. 
・If trouble of any kind is caused by submitted photos, the Council for Promotion of Tourism in Asia (CPTA)  accepts no responsibility.
・Submission of photos which violate public order and morality will be rejected. Photos related to political, religious, and advertising activities are also not accepted.
・Photos that have been submitted to or are intended to be submitted to other contests are not accepted. 
・Submitted photos as well as the entrant’s name, including Instagram account information, may, at CPTA’s sole discretion, be used for promotion purposes including website, SNS, posters, and events with no compensation. 
・All rights to use the submitted photo images belong to CPTA including image trimming and color adjustment for prints.
・CPTA has the right to remove any photos posted on its Instagram account.
・CPTA will choose the contest winning photos based on its own management policy and criteria. Entrants must accept CPTA’s decision, and CPTA will not field any disputes or objections from entrants.
・This website is subject to change and/or end without notice.
・Parental consent is required for entrants under 18 years old.
・If a winner cannot be contacted, then their prize will be forfeited.
・CPTA ensures proper security of all personal information CPTA collects through entries into this contest.
・No transfer of right, substitution, or cash equivalent for any prizes will be permitted.
・The prizes offered on this site may change.
・Any photos which do not comply with the above regulations may result in disqualification from the contest.

I agree to the photo contest rules above.

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