ifia/HFE JAPAN secretariat office

ifia/HFE JAPAN 2025 contract form

Early bird discount:

Super early bird discount: 15% off booth fee for applications by Friday, June 30th [Close]
Early bird discount: 10% off booth fee for applications by September 30th (Monday)
Regular price: Applications made after October 1st (Tuesday) Regular price

Conditions for applying discount:
One-time payment: 
Payment by the end of the month following the application for exhibition.
Payment in two installments: 
50% to be paid by the end of the month following the application for exhibition, and the balance to be paid by the end of December 2024.
*However, due to the accounting system of the secretariat, please make the first payment after August 5, 2024 (Monday).

Exhibit booth location

Regarding the location of your exhibit booth, the secretariat will make adjustments based on the number of booths, the order of applications, etc., and will provide you with further information. Please wait for a while.

2025 Rules and Regulations

Please click as the following URL and download the regulation. After reading it, please progress to register the contract form.

Please indicate exhibition you are going to exhibit.

Please select the exhibition name you would like to exhibit.

Exhibitor's information

Company / Organization name


*Company name written here will be registered as an official exhibitor's name




Exhibit details

Person in charge

Title of Person in charge


Email address of person in charge

▼Please re-enter your E-mail to confirm.

Co-exhibitor's name


*Please indicate co-exhibitor's name and country if any.

Exhibit Options

Raw Space (9sqm)


* Only exhibit space
Package booth


* Including basic decoration
Additional Option
※This additional is for 1 package booth.
Not eligible for early bird discount
Package Booth (for 2 booths)
The basic plan Booth:1,133,000JPY
Semi-Designed Booth: 1,375,000JPY
Corner location


A shared hand - washing area
* Please check it on the website
Mini Booth


Not eligible for early bird discount
Exhibitor's presentaiton(15min.)


*Please contact the secretariat office.


Payment term
If the early bird discount is applied, the second payment deadline will be December 31st (Tuesday).


Foreign Affiliate company(the head office)


*If foreign affiliate company, please indicate the country of the head office.
Foreign Affiliate company (the country name)


*If dealing with foreign products, please indicate the country name.
Do you need "invitation letter" from the secretariat office to apply for VISA ?